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We are a photography & design duo that enjoy shooting weddings, families, and graduation portraits! Serving is our passion and sports is our addiction #gowarriors! We are best friends, sisters, and roommates who enjoy a good laugh just as much as Grey's Anatomy! Tallahassee, Florida is our home but we love to travel! We live for the moment and love to capture bright, joyful, and timeless photos of our #APDCouples and clients!


June 13, 2018

Rose Ann’s 80th Surprise Party!

Rose Ann is not just any client, she is my great aunt! So its more like Aunt Rose Ann’s 80th surprise party! Aunt Rose Ann lives in Palmetto, Florida and the party was being hosted in Parrish, Florida. The morning of the party we all got up, loaded the van, and drove 4+ hours down south to celebrate this wonderful birthday. My Aunt Rose Ann was turning 80, and with such a great accomplishment my Aunt Cassandra wanted to make sure to catch every memory from this day for her, so she asked us to take the pictures. As everyone was getting settled waiting on her arrival at the venue, you could feel the excitement and love for this women! Aunt Rose Ann walked through the door and you saw nothing but pure joy on her face! She was so surprised that all of her friends and family traveled to come and see her to celebrate this milestone in her life. My aunt has been through so much, but that hasn’t stopped her fight in life. Last year was the very first year she was not able to travel home and spend Thanksgiving with us. Although things didn’t seem the same without her, we know that her health is the most important factor. And for that reason, we made this trip, because the love of family is something you will always cherish!

XOXOX Shannon


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